The End of Paper Currency


Today's Top News Byte Census Instagram Post Governments around the world are careening toward a period of dramatic spending. People around the world are seeking alternatives such as digital currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies away from the traditional paper currency that can be a cause of viral infections, and are easily manipulated in so many … Continue reading The End of Paper Currency

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Finding Bitcoin

In our current situation and non-stop battle against pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), people tend to panic more often than the number of times they think of basic hygienic against viruses. One should put extra caution against these invisible bacteria, especially the ones that stick closer in dirty, filthy fiat currency where scientific testing shows that these banknotes hold more germs on their surface than the inside of a toilet bowl

The History of Money

The History of Money

In ancient times people generally exchange values whenever meeting someone or another individual through different objects as a form of monetary exchange. These practices were treated as normal which were the first form of a systematic process of giving and sharing commodities.