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Fundamental Attributes of Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin

To understand the basic elements of Bitcoin provided with the resources compiled to guide you through entering the crypto-space:

Learn the basic components of Bitcoin.

Join us to study Bitcoin in 10 days.

Here is the Bitcoin standard prologue.

Bitcoin intensive analysis.

Step-by-Step study about Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Creator

Satoshi Nakamoto, published the “Bitcoin Whitepaper” creator of digital currency called, “Bitcoin” is a financial technology that provides a peer-to-peer transaction eliminating huge intermediary (Banks, Corporations, Company Loans, Remittance Corporations, Government Services). Bitcoin can be so powerful that it is permissionless, borderless, unstoppable, and enables people to transact into systematic decentralized finance with no, or very low fees. 

Bitcoin is digital money, e-cash, a payment system that allows anyone to buy, sell, receive, conduct transactions anytime, anywhere in the world as it does not own or controlled by private individuals, not by the government, nor by any powerful entities. It does not have a central checkpoint that can be altered or access, but it runs by the countless computers distributed around the world through the underlying technology, Blockchain.

Bitcoin with Eloquent Speakers

Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most eloquent bitcoin enthusiasts since 2012 teaching and speaking to conferences about the important key factors of Bitcoin. 

Marc Andreessen, a co-founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Credit Keith Bedford/Reuters. He recently published a great article explaining why everyone should understand bitcoin.  Why Bitcoin Matters

Michael Nielsen on December 6, 2013, explained: “How the Bitcoin protocol actually works.” 

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The History of Money

How it Began

In order to understand the importance of Bitcoin, one must comprehend the reason why money was created and what made it so valuable for the nations’ economic growth. 
Aaron Koenig, wrote some of the magnificent articles about money. “Let There be Money” and “The Austrian Way” which promotes a better perspective on the Economy where the price and value of commodities are not within central control.

Kenny Fowler, made an explicit narrative with “What is Sound Money and Why it Matters?”

How the Paper Currency Evolved into a Digital Money

The Advent of Central Banks Digital Currency

The Underlying Technology of Bitcoin

The Early form of society and the origin valuable objects used as money.

Understanding Economics.

What is a cashless society and Why is paper currency is becoming obsolete.

Privacy is the key factor to balance the society.

Concensys released the white paper for CBDC.

World financial advancement through CBDC.

The underlying technology of Bitcoin

Learn the basics of Blockchain Technology.

Embrace the new technology of decentralized finance.

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What is Decentralizes Finance

The emerging financial movement aims to outcast intermediaries and put payment management systems into the hands of the people, a peer-to-peer transaction without having to rely on huge intermediaries, government, banks, or any third-party involved.

Learn the concept of Decentralized Finance.

Understand the new payment system.

There are waves of emerging technologies.

How will be the next generation experience through shopping online.

It is always best to know where and how you can earn cryptocurrencies.

Here are the top ways to earn Bitcoin.

Digital Currency Advancement

The origin of CBDC for a stable cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency became the best financial system.

Bitcoin’s Academic Materials and Resources

Learn the basic lessons of Bitcoin.

A fundamental guide for Bitcoin.

Studies and Research

The COVID-19 Economic Effects


What are the effects of COVID-19 to people’s health, to the Economy, and finance in General.

The devastating effects of COVID-19 in the stock markets, and to cryptospace?

Bitcoin Terminologies

Learn the Technicalities of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Useful Statements

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