Basics Of Money

What if We Go Back to the Gold Standard?

What would happen if the world went back to the gold standard and actually backed their currencies with something of value? First, let’s examine how the gold standard came to be and how it came to be overthrown. Then we’ll discuss the why and how of a new gold standard.

Money Backed by Gold

Let There be Money – Part 3

According to Ludwig von Mises, the boom of the “Roaring Twenties” was the result of the US Federal Reserve Bank and its policy of easy credit. When it became obvious that the economic boom was built on sand, the economy crumbled.


The Austrian Way – Part 3

In this series, Aaron Koenig introduces you to the Austrian School of Economics in an easily digestable way. You don’t need to be an economist nor an Austrian to understand what Bitcoin has to do with this school of thought, which was founded in Vienna in the 19th century.


The Premise of an Emerging New Monetary System

Today’s Top News Byte Crypto Dollars and the Evolution of Eurodollar Banking Although an intense short term demand, the faith in the US Dollar in its current form is drastically fading. But this might be a set back to better. The emergence of cryptocurrency-based and Fiat backed Stable coins are taking over as the medium … Continue reading The Premise of an Emerging New Monetary System


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