News Bytes #080

Here is a compilation of some of the most informative news and information from the world of cryptocurrency. In this week’s news, Coinbase-backed De-Fi startup Dharma is wanting to make decentralized finance easier. Aave has released a proposal to increase rewards for staking and De-Fi is still a small part of the whole cryptocurrency market, according to a recent report.

Coinbase-backed Dharma Defi Startup Will Add Uniswap to Its App

Users gain interest
Users gain interest

De-Fi startup Dharma will be adding the token-exchange protocol Uniswap as an in-app offering. This will allow users to earn “interest” on their ERC-20 stablecoins. Although De-Fi has over $4B of value locked into it, its user base is still very small. Dharma wants to make it easier for more people to get involved.  Read more.

Aave Releases Proposal to Increase Staking Rewards

Arrow showing growth
Arrow showing growth

In a move that is likely to cause more growth in the De-Fi space, Aave has proposed to increase rewards for staking their token. In addition, a token swap that will swap LEND tokens for AAVE at a 100:1 rate will also be introduced.  Read more.

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Report Reveals Defi Still a Small Part of Cryptocurrency Market

Hand with a small leaf
Small part

A recent report from analytics firm Messari reveals that the De-Fi sector only amounts to about 1.5% of the value in the total cryptocurrency market. The report states that the De-Fi sector is currently worth a mere $4.1 billion while the total capitalization of cryptocurrency is $283.6 billion. Messari’s researcher notes that this means De-Fi has a lot of room for growth and could benefit from a reallocation of capital with top 30 cryptocurrencies. Read more.

Time for a Serious Conversation: Defi Should Be More Accessible

No access
No access

Census Note will be adding decentralized finance capabilities to its wallet soon. This means that the same simplicity that Census Note users enjoy with sending and receiving funds will also be there for their needs with regard to decentralized finance. Users will be able to benefit from borrowing and lending cryptocurrency funds. DeFi is becoming such a big deal that it has driven calls to Ethereum smart contracts to an all-time record. Read more.

Unchained Ep. 183 – Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum’s Five-Year Anniversary

This is episode #183 of the Unchained podcast. Host Laura Shin engages with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, who reflects on the five-year anniversary of Ethereum.

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