News Bytes #079

Here is a compilation of some of the most informative news and information from the world of cryptocurrency. In this week’s news, an NBA player, Spencer Dinwiddie, offered tokenized shares in his NBA contract. And the CEO of one of Africa’s hottest cryptocurrency exchanges says that the usage and trading in cryptocurrency is surging in Africa.

NBA Player Sells Only 10% of Tokenized Shares in His NBA Contract

Basket Ball court
Basket Ball court

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie announced about a year ago that he intended to issue security tokens which represented the fractionalized ownership of his NBA contract. The token, called the “SD26 Professional Athlete Token” represented a stake of $150,000 in his NBA contract. However, it turns out he only sold 10% of his tokenized contract. Read more.

Crypto Usage and Trading Rising Faster Than Represented on Paper, Yellow Card CEO Says

African kids
African kids

While North America has many cryptocurrency exchanges where the interest in cryptocurrency can be documented, cryptocurrency transactions take place in Africa on an over-the-counter basis, making the actual volume of cryptocurrency trading and use in Africa vastly understated. “The majority of it is not running through formal exchanges,” Yellow Card CEO Chris Maurice said. “It’s running through either WhatsApp, or Telegram, or informal OTC” he continued. Read more.

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Time for a Serious Conversation: SMEs Should Consider Accepting Cryptocurrency

SMEs start accepting bitcoin
SMEs start accepting bitcoin

Small and medium-sized businesses should consider Bitcoin as a means of establishing a unique selling proposition as well as positioning themselves for a future where cryptocurrency is a lot more widely used. Here is an article about a village in El Salvador that adopted Bitcoin as money. Read more.

Unchained Ep. 134 – Why Stablecoin Growth Over 5 Years Doubled in 4 Months

This is episode #134 of the Unchained podcast. Host Laura Shin talks with Nate Maddrey, senior research analyst at Coin Metrics about stablecoins and their rise over the past few months.

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