News Bytes #078

Here is a compilation of some of the most informative news and information from the world of cryptocurrency. South Korean conglomerate Hanwha is investing $3.3 million in crypto disclosure platform CrossAngle and Lightning Network crypto wallet startup Zap raises $3.5 million in a seed round.

South Korean Giant Hanwha Investing $3.3M in CrossAngle

Big Investment
Big Investment

Hanwha Investment & Securities, a subsidiary of Hanwha Group, a major South Korean conglomerate, has contributed 4 billion South Korean won (3.3 million USD) to a round of funding by CrossAngle (XAngle). Xangle said the investment will help the company develop the infrastructure for its crypto data services. Read more.

Zap Wallet Startup Raises $3.5M from Morgan Creek, Others

Lightening image
Lightening image

Non-custodial Bitcoin wallet startup Zap raised $3.5 million in fundraising in April. Previously undisclosed filings by the U.S. SEC revealed the investment were revealed on July 15th by Forbes. The investors included Morgan Creek Digital and Green Oaks Capital. The Zap wallet allows users to purchase Bitcoin instantly through the Lightning Network using a U.S. bank account. Read more.

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Time for a Serious Conversation: Defi Outperformed Bitcoin in Q2

With decentralized finance shooting upward this month, it may be no surprise that DeFi outperformed Bitcoin in Q2. On Compound, the top three markets are DAI, USDC and ETH. The platform has been giving users COMP tokens not only for lending but for borrowing as well. So much so, in fact, that many on the platform earned more from those COMP tokens than they did from the loan itself and the rewards earned exceeded the cost of the loan for borrowing. Only time will tell if the generous rewards and amazing returns continue. Read more.

Pomp Podcast #337: Kingdom Trust CEO Ryan Radloff On Advancing Bitcoin Adoption

This is episode #337 of the Pomp Podcast. Host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano talks with Ryan Radloff, the CEO of Kingdom Trust about Bitcoin adoption.

Pomp Podcast: Advancing Bitcoin Adoption

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