A Gift of Bitcoin

It’s often difficult to come up with the perfect gift for someone you care about. You could simply give them a lump of cash. This would often be quite appreciated, but it seems kind of crude and lacks a certain style expected of a meaningful gift in many cultures. Gift cards are another option that is more acceptable. But there’s one gift that combines the ease of use of cash with the potential for being personal and practical as well. That gift is Bitcoin.

Why Cryptocurrency Makes a Great Gift

Presenting Census Note as a Gift Card
Presenting Census Note as a Gift Card

A first glance, it may seem no less crude to give Bitcoin to someone you care about than a lump of cash. Giving cryptocurrency as a gift is sort of like giving them cash. But it is really more like giving them a gift card that they can use at thousands of locations around the world.

Giving cryptocurrency as a gift carries with it the same concerns that giving a gift card does. It may seem impersonal to give someone currency as a gift since it could carry no indication that you know anything about the person receiving the gift. However, cryptocurrency has several advantages that make it a little different than just a boring old gift card.

Reasons to Give Cryptocurrency as a Gift

A girl searching for a gift in the city
A girl searching for a gift in the city

Some of the traits that make a gift of cryptocurrency better than a gift card include:

Cryptocurrency doesn’t expire. Unlike a gift card, which often begins to lose value after a certain date or become completely worthless, cryptocurrency will not expire or be reclaimed by a vendor when it’s not used. In fact, given the fact that speculation in cryptocurrency is so common these days, it could even gain in value over time.

When you give someone the gift of Bitcoin, you are not just giving them regular old dollars and pounds that sit on a card waiting to be spent. You are giving them a dynamic currency that can be spent on goods and services or converted to dollars now or at any time in the future.

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Cryptocurrency makes a perfect gift for someone you know to be interested in it. That’s why the Census Note makes the perfect gift to onboard someone with an interest in cryptocurrency. It is a hardware cold wallet that is the size of a regular payment card. This makes it easy to carry around with all your other payment cards.

The Census Note is great for anyone, whether they are a wizard with technology or someone who can barely send a text message. The Census Note has a great app that interfaces directly with the hardware wallet and allows the holder to use any smartphone to perform all the transactions with their card—checking, sending and receiving funds.

Online wallets, while easy to access and use, are “hot” wallets that are always online. This continuous access to the Internet makes them more vulnerable than cold wallets like the Census Note. The Census Note combines the security of a cold wallet with the same ease of use you’d expect from an online wallet.

Given the potential for cryptocurrency to increase in value, cryptocurrency is a great way to introduce someone to the exciting possibilities of investing. Since cryptocurrency doesn’t expire, there’s no immediate need to spend it right away. They can simply check the value of their cryptocurrency and see how the value of their investment is growing.

Bitcoin is an especially great gift for people who you know frequent establishments that accept Bitcoin. That makes the gift all the more meaningful when you know enough about the person to get something they can really use. And unlike retail gift cards, even if an establishment goes out of business, the funds on their Census Note will still be safe and available to use at any other vendor that accepts Bitcoin.

The Census Note is a gift that keeps on giving. That’s because even after they spend the currency you gave them, they can easily reload it with additional funds. So, you are giving them a secure cold wallet to store their cryptocurrency on for years to come.

You could load the Census Note with funds in the hopes of getting them involved in investing. And then they could continue to add funds over time. This is not only a great way to teach young people about investing, but about savings and finance as well.


Bitcoin can make an excellent gift, particularly for those who have an interest in cryptocurrency, investing or technology. Someone who frequents vendors who accept Bitcoin will appreciate it as much as cash. And remember, you’re not just giving them funds. You’re giving them a secure cold wallet that they can use to store Bitcoin that’s easy and convenient to use. The Census Note combines the user interface of cash with all the benefits of cryptocurrency.

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