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Here is a compilation of some of the most informative news from the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has become a powerful tool for the Austrian Government to battle COVID-19. DeFi is also undergoing a boom in Australia. Please subscribe to avoid missing important updates.

Top News-Bytes:

Austrian Government Funding COVID-19 Blockchain App

Stay home stay safe from COVID 19

The blockchain is becoming a more serious player in our world each day, from its vast potential in logistics and supply chain to applications in the medical field. The government of Austria is funding a blockchain-based app to help trace cases of the novel coronavirus. Read more.

Australia Undergoing Boom in DeFi Projects

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DeFi or decentralized finance is beginning to gain in popularity both as a concept and as a realistic way to lend, borrow and earn money. There is Thorchain, a cross-chain liquidity protocol that allows fast swaps of crypto assets with low fees. Rocket Pool, an ETH 2.0 staking service and Synthetix, which aims to be a decentralized version of BitMEX are going strong. Read more.

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Time for a Serious Conversation: Bitcoin is the New Cash


As finance moves more toward the blockchain, Bitcoin is the new cash. We have heard a lot about the cashless society. While the use of payment cards has increased greatly and the use of cash is perhaps at its lowest point, there are still benefits to using cash. COVID-19 is also putting pressure on cash as a method of payment. The acceptance of Bitcoin as a method of payment is increasing. Read more.

Bitcoin’s Time is Now

This is an episode of What Bitcoin Did with host Peter McCormack. In this episode, his guest is Preston Pysh, author, engineer and host of The Investor Podcast.

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Learn About Money, Bitcoin, and Decentralized Finance

Bitcoin Transformative Expansion Amidst Pandemic COVID-19

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