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Here are some of the most informative compilation of News updates from the crypto space. New business models are now being merged to foster the industry with the help of mainstream tech giants actively embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Top News-Bytes:

How Automated Market Makers are Changing the Landscape of Trading?

Market and Business sketch
Market and Business sketch

In the world of traditional trading, automated market making is a relatively new technology. Automation replaced human market makers who were the worker bees of trading pits. Automated market makers (AMMs) changed the landscape of trading. Its efficiencies gained by utilizing the automated programs with several positive effects on the market. Read more

Amazon Patents Blockchain-Based Product Authenticator

Business Technology
Business Technology

Blockchain is tremendously changing the way business works in this modern era where everything relies on automation and trustless processes. Amazon being one of the top E-commerce markets has patented a distributed ledger-based (DLT) system for proving the authenticity of consumer goods to fight fakes and decrease counterfeit product problems. Read more.

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Time for a serious conversation: Central Bank Digital Currency Design

Global Digital Currency
Global Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency is a new form of digital currency offered by a central bank to replace fiat cash. Like cryptocurrencies and other private payment providers, central banks give users the ability to make digital payments without the use of physical cash. Various central banks are currently weighing up the introduction of central bank digital currency. Read more

Pomp Podcast #306: Andrew Wilkinson On Building Profitable Businesses With No Funding.

This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and guest, Andrew Wilkinson. Andrew is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Tiny. He previously founded MetaLab, one of the world’s top design agencies.

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Recent News-Bytes:

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