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Bitcoin – The Internet of Money

Legendary Silicon Valley unicorn investor Naval wrote a great piece about bitcoin in 2013. We wanted to share it with you so you can appreciate how Naval spotted Bitcoin’s powerful attributes when it was still at its infancy stage. Bitcoin revolutionizes the financial system like never before. The ability to process a payment transaction has never been easy, with almost low to no fees at all. Bitcoin does not require a third party to process transactions and does not rely on trust or to anyone with central control as it is decentralized in nature. It is borderless as well as permissionless as it is not owned by banks, governments nor any central authority. Its impregnable mathematical structure makes it a tamper-proof system and is impossible to be taken down. These are just a few of Bitcoin’s usability upgrades. Read more

Bitcoin in random binary codes
Bitcoin in random binary codes

Paul Tudor Jones Buys Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Inflation

It is no longer concealed to many, that experts in investment companies were moving to digital assets primarily on Bitcoin. They clearly see that its “purchasing power, trustworthiness, liquidity, and portability” makes it a legitimate store of value. This only tells us one thing, that paper currency will be a thing of the past, as we rapidly move in the digitization of wealth security and financial mechanisms. Read more

Bitcoin with Magnifying Glass
Bitcoin with Magnifying Glass

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Crypto Fund II

We all have seen how the internet made our lives so easy as sending and receiving goods online, either it is through shopping online, instant sending of messages, emails, or even posting our ideas through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and many others. It is crystal clear that we relied on these platforms for decades. A new wave of technological advancement awaits us to a paradigm shift in the field of open source code without having to rely on central authorities or major platforms that generally require access to our own data. Andreessen Horowitz officially announced an additional $515 million funds that will be used to invest in crypto networks and businesses. These additional funds will help form new technologies on top of Blockchain which will create development for the foregoing future of finance in its maximum security encryption for privacy and data ownership protection. Read more

Bitcoin: The Future Money of the Internet
Bitcoin: The Future Money of the Internet

Bull Bitcoin unveils Liquid Canadian dollar payments

The new vouchers from the Francis Pouliot-led company could accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin in Canada.

Mass cryptocurrency adoption is happening in major parts of the world like in Canada where a prepaid card called “L-CAD” can be purchased only by Bitcoin and not by any fiat currencies. This new form of gift card drives mass adoption for Bitcoin and was explicitly created to make the Canadian dollar bleed. Read more

Bitcoin Slogan
Bitcoin Slogan

Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Bitcoin Halving 2020 – Blockchain Mass Adoption and, Star Trek? 🚀😲

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