The Future of Cryptocurrency is Now

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In the previous News-Byte, we have seen how Stablecoins are engaging the global dimension of digital currency. We have identified what brought stability to cryptocurrency price instability leading to massive upgrades. These developments are ultimately significant in the cryptocurrency mainstream adoption process. Now is the perfect time to analyze how Bitcoin is bringing us a glimpse of future finance in our world today.

Bitcoin and FIAT Money: The Past, Present, And The Future

Money has been an expression of value divisible in nature, durable, transportable, and scarce. Any object that carries these attributes can be called as money when used as a medium of exchange. From barter exchange, cowry shells, metal money, silver, gold, to paper money, and at last a trustless money exchange for the first digital currency, Bitcoin, which once a thing of the past and is now massively in use at the center pick of our modern society. Read more

The future is written in the sky
The future is written in the sky

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset Model

Many of us are eager to know the future, especially when value of something we have not known before is at the center of the idea relative to money digitization. In this Stock-to-Flow model there were three elements used with a definitive conclusion as to what a very promising future Bitcoin owners will have in terms of the price value per 1 Bitcoin. There is a logical conclusion for $288K per Bitcoin between the coming years of 2020-2024. Read more

Bitcoin Stockto-Flow model
Bitcoin Stockto-Flow model

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment: Analyst Predicts High Institutional Demand Post Covid-19

After this prolonged crisis, what will be the next industry look like for investors and companies in terms of their position in the market? Many brought their attention to speculative research for the significantly growing market of cryptocurrency industry. Read more

Bitcoin blazing onward with fire
Bitcoin blazing onward

For more informative content you will be glad to read one of our most recent articles, “What is Sound Money and Why it Matters?” by Kenny Fowler

Looking Into the History of Stablecoins to Understand the Future of Money

One of the best characteristics of cryptocurrencies is that it is not owned by anyone, nor is not under control by any huge intermediaries. Here is an upgrade to add stability on the market price flow and to expand its mainstream adoption. Read more

Bitcoin connects the world with digital nodes
Bitcoin connects the world with digital nodes

The Next Money Upgrade

Change is the only constant reality in our world today. Every societal needs will be met in pursuit of better living and more efficient products used in most areas of industrialization. All for the sole purpose of convenience, fast services and security we find collective value with the things we create upon ourselves. Financial advancement will always be on top of the list in that hope for an equal distribution of wealth and freedom by means of stable digital currencies. Read More

Gold plus dollar bills and Bitcoin as the upgraded money
Gold plus dollar bills and Bitcoin as the ultimate money

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