Stablecoins: Technical Evolution of Cryptocurrencies

Have you heard about the growing market of Stablecoins? How they are becoming reliable to aid cryptocurrencies volatility? In today’s news byte we will identify some of the major roles of Stablecoins in the evolving realm of cryptocurrencies.

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Stablecoins, Explained

Consider that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still young in terms of years in existence compared to gold and other financial methodology regularly seen on the market. This maturation process usually causes price volatility since it is considerably yet developing compared to other mature assets. Stablecoins have now become the answer to neutralize unstable price movement in crypto markets. Read more.

Stablecoins electrified by a central atomic source
Stablecoins in figurative sample

How to make money trading Stablecoins

Now that we have seen some of the most important aspects of Stablecoins, how do we get to use them? In other words, what are the best strategies to gain profit using Stablecoins? Ryan Sean Adams, provided two strategic inputs on how to get started trading with Stablecoins when they’re off their peg. Read more

Bitcoin on top of a Dollar bill
Bitcoin on top of Dollar bills

To help you gain a solid understanding of Stablecoins, you will surely be glad to read one of our best articles, “Stablecoins: The Money 2.0” by Kenny Fowler

Stablecoins saw record transaction volumes of over $90 billion in 2020’s first quarter

One of the best characteristics of Stablecoins is that it absorbs price volatility for traders to gain confidence in case an abrupt price movement on the cryptocurrency market occurs. Traders around the world tend to become confident with Stablecoins which made transaction volumes skyrocket to $90 billion only in the first quarter of 2020. Read more

The Digital Earth with a non-stop decentralized transaction across the globe
The Digital Earth moving on a non-stop decentralized transaction across the globe

The Liquidity Crunch: Bitcoin And Beyond

We have seen major events in the first quarter of the year 2020. COVID-19 has placed most of us at the pick perspective of redefining our financial status quo. The stock market crash in March resulted in an enormous debt-bubble, due to Government’s Quantitive Easing mechanism that erupted since the last financial crash in 2008-2009. People will soon realize that the ability to print more money will eventually bite-back reaping everyone accountable, facing price increase in markets as the foregoing effect of inflation which will drive more transaction volume for Stablecoins and Bitcoin assets to arise. Read more

Piles of dollar centering a bucket of Bitcoins
Piles of dollar centering a bucket of Bitcoins

100% Proof the Dollar Is Going Digital

The US Dollar is going DIGITAL very soon! Connections between Coinbase, Treasury Department, Ethereum & USDC point to a private push for the Digital USD. But…there is someone who is standing in the way. The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and a pending court case, of which Brian Brooks (former Coinbase lawyer) was brought on to win & send crypto into its next Bull Run!

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