Bitcoin Transformative Expansion Amidst Pandemic COVID-19


Here are the top stories freshly collected in the up-to-date news bytes broadcasting cryptocurrency expansions for creative financial innovation amidst pandemic:

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Census Instagram Post for Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoin quotes

Anyone Can Host a Crypto Exchange – Tim Draper Backed Startup Launches New WordPress Plugin

WordPress releases a new site plugin that promotes cryptocurrency exchange. This will promote additional usability for everyone, from regular site visitors to website owners. The expansion of cryptocurrency visibility, especially to a renowned blogging tool like WordPress, will add a much stronger pull towards mainstream adoption. Read more

Altcoins with Bitcoin at the Center
Altcoins with Bitcoin at the Center

Stablecoins and Cross-chain Loans: 2 Projects Attempt to Bring Defi Solutions to Bitcoin

Many have lured into Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing to $19,783 back in 2017 followed by a sudden dropped, which gain tremendous speculations to masses especially to almost every renowned analyst in the cryptospace. Since this historical sky-high price happened in 2017, companies have gone through different strategies to amend Bitcoin’s volatility humping down mass adoption. Two of which are Stablecoins and Cross-chain loans that are both have similar nature that is pegged in USD to absorbed Bitcoin volatility and maintain price stability. Read more

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Michael Novogratz: This is Bitcoin’s “moment”

A colossal stimulus package in the US presents a compelling case for Bitcoin ahead of its halving, says the CEO of Galaxy Digital.

One of the many well-known CEO in the cryptospace have manifested strong speculations that Bitcoin price will spike-up after the halving, and others have even encouraged people to buy Bitcoin before the halving happens. Michael Novogratz laid out the idea that quantitative easing (QE) combined with the upcoming Bitcoin halving in mid-May will reach the $12k USD price increased plus the experience that people are getting more and more interested to enter the open finance leverage on cryptocurrency. Read more.

Bitcoin Hodl
Bitcoin Hodl

How coronavirus started and what happens next, explained

The novel coronavirus has devastated many lives in forms of horrific life and death situations not limited to its unbelievable effects in our modern society, that despite the usefulness of our technology, people still suffer and governments in most parts of the world became vulnerable in this sudden impact to people’s security and wellness. A universal basic income had been gaining enormous attention around the corner raised by many leading personas like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as shown in the video clip presentation. Read more

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Bitcoin Transformative Expansion Amidst Pandemic COVID-19

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