Bitcoin: The Absolute Store of Value

Here are the solid truths about Bitcoin compiled in our weekly News Byte for you to have a clear understanding and a strong realization to its advantages and usability applicable to the modern world we are living in today.

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Why Do Bitcoins Have Value?

When a digital currency like Bitcoin is compared to a Fiat currency, an absolute majority of differences between these two becomes clearly obvious, in terms of monetary capabilities and services it can provide to people. Bitcoin is decentralized while fiat currency is a centralized monopoly controlled by huge intermediaries such as banks and governments and other financial corporations. This could potentially damage economic balance especially under the low to middle-class people. Read more

Burning Paper Currencies showing Bitcoin underneath
Piles of Money Towards the Bank

The Number Zero and Bitcoin

The absolute scarcity of Bitcoin makes it so powerful that true money can be identified through its absolute irreproducibility in nature. Its comparison to a zero-based numerical system that became a dominant mathematical protocol, Bitcoin, on the other hand, became dominant in terms of monetary protocol for its scarcity that it cannot be replicated nor be reproduced as only 21 million remains available, nothing more, nothing less. Read more

Zero and Bitcoin
Zero and Bitcoin

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The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

The advent of Bitcoin in 2008, had immensely opened a portal for the new monetary system the world has never seen before through the use of technology and the internet. A digital-based currency inheriting all the attributes of true money such as gold. Digital money that is durable, portable, fungible, verifiable, divisible, scares, and censorship-resistant. In this article, there are huge possibilities that Bitcoin will be the world’s currency. This has been thoroughly discussed in comparison to the traditional gold, the historical store of value. Read more

Dollar Drowned in Bitcoin
Dollar Drowned in Bitcoin

The Economy of the Future Won’t Rely on Money

Stefan Heidenreich says, that the future of our economy is theoretically better with no use of fiat currency. It is an economy where value is not dependent on one’s subjective decision that implicates the cause and the effect for supply and demand manufactured in conceptual universal pricing but arguably should be based upon the algorithmic matching effect of things and services. This could drive many good things in the area of finance and the general economy, but might also be in a totalitarian judicial power that can be frightening for most of us. Although, if people will act now, this can still be mitigated. Read more

Hanging Metal Coins
Hanging Metal Coins

Pantera CEO Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Explode in Three to Nine Months, Warns Equities Won’t See V-Shaped Recovery

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital says that Bitcoin will explode within the next 3 to 9 months. The idea is that people will look for alternatives that cannot be manipulated or cannot be printed like gold or Bitcoin. Morehead believes that money managers will start to refocus their financial and strategic attention only to add for Bitcoin to spike up and that people will start to notice the rising upheaval of Digital currency primarily in using Bitcoin. His insights also warn fanatics the stock markets that the V-shaped recovery many were expecting will not come as usual. Read more

Cloud of Fire
Cloud of Fire

Money Lost its Meaning

The US government was left with no choice but to save the economy by printing unimaginable amounts of money, trillions of US dollars printed to bail out companies that have been tremendously affected by the COVID-19. As we all know, this form of recoupment eventually follows by price increased due to inflation. In times of crisis, printing more money has become the only way to avoid massive economic collapse and even worst economic recession in the hope that this would not severely affect the people as much as it would affect the government in deflation. Read more

Mint and Money
Mint and Money

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Asset?

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