The Premise of an Emerging New Monetary System

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Crypto Dollars and the Evolution of Eurodollar Banking

Although an intense short term demand, the faith in the US Dollar in its current form is drastically fading. But this might be a set back to better. The emergence of cryptocurrency-based and Fiat backed Stable coins are taking over as the medium of exchanges and store of value thanks to their convenience, security, and availability.

Moreover, these digital currencies are border-less and bank-less financial instruments bringing the benefits of Bitcoin without the volatility. However, in the long run, is it a robust model against inflation? Is it as sound as Gold? or even Bitcoin? The author takes us in a deep dive into the realm of US-backed Stable coins. Read more

Choose your Fiction

In these turbulent times, people dramatically see the US dollar losing its buying power, a condition caused by inflation, and now being outperformed by gold and Bitcoin. Read more


In 2008, Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley was already emphasizing that failing businesses must FAIL. Bailing out collapsing corporations is a wrong signal that goes against the natural life cycles of markets. Read more

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Money Reimagined: As Tech, Politics and COVID-19 Collide, a Global Reset Looms

Everything that we experience pushes us to “Reimagine” our views on the current monetary system that we have today.  In such scenarios of a global pandemic, the weakest point of National Governments, Health Care, and most especially in the area of finance are being revealed to the people of the nations. The narrative that defines money as we know it is going through a massive upheaval. Take a look at what Michael Casey is forecasting for us. Read more

Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You

A recurring event, the fact that there has been an ever-growing gap between the super-rich and the poor since the beginning of Capitalism. Taking the perspective of the current world situation is an example, the bigger and wider the basin (companies, corporations, huge enterprises) an individual has, the more it gets the opportunity to bail out in case paralyzed by the pandemic, vice-versa the little and small the basin one has, the less opportunity he will get, and the worst and for most, not at all. Nassim tells us more about it. Read more

The Breakdown: Why US’ $2 Trillion Stimulus, Unlimited QE Will Expose Monetary System’s Flaws 

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