The End of Paper Currency

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Census Instagram Post
Census Instagram Post

Governments around the world are careening toward a period of dramatic spending.

People around the world are seeking alternatives such as digital currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies away from the traditional paper currency that can be a cause of viral infections, and are easily manipulated in so many ways causing serious damage to the economy in the long run due to inflation, most especially in times of crisis such as unseen virus, COVID-19. This allows the private banks to print a horrifying amount of money leaving the governments without a choice to eradicate impoverishment of the bleeding society. Read more.

Chair of the Federal Reserve
Chair of the Federal Reserve

IMF Sees World in Worst Recession Since Great Depression

In times of crisis, people seek for financial shelter to support their daily necessities. Now, in this on-going crisis, companies and businesses around the world have closed and declared job cuts hundred thousand daily and even horrifically, 16 million people in America alone have lost their jobs creating trillions upon trillions of new paper currency printed to aid industries and small businesses, hence, the economy for its people. Read more

Store Hub
Store Hub

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The Austrian Way by Aaron Koenig.

The Bank of England Goes Into Hyperinflationary Mode.

#boe #weimar #hyperinflation #sterling #hmtreasury #gilts #centralbanks #markets #moneyprinting #gold #preciousmetals Today is, in my opinion, a historic day…

The Bank of England

Chamath Palihapitiya: the US shouldn’t bail out hedge funds, billionaires during coronavirus pandemic

The news report by CNBC interviewed Chamath Palihapitiya: Who cares? Let them get wiped out.” Read more

Chamath Palihapitiya in an Interview
Chamath Palihapitiya in an Interview

Digitizing the Dollar with Christopher Giancarlo

Christopher Giancarlo earned the moniker “Crypto Dad” by advocating for sensible crypto regulation during his time as CFTC Commissioner. He’s since joined the advisory board to the Chamber of Digital Commerce to advocate for the Digital Dollar Project. 

Podcast Digitizing the Dollar

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