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How To Protect Yourself From DIRTY, FILTHY, Fiat Money

In our current situation and non-stop battle against pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), people tend to panic more often than the number of times they go for basic hygiene against viruses. One should put extra caution against these invisible bacteria, especially the ones that stick closer in dirty, filthy fiat currency where scientific testing shows that these banknotes hold more germs on their surface than the inside of a toilet bowl. Read more

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Why Analyst Say Now is the Time to Purchase Bitcoin

Despite the recent crash in Stock Market, oil, gold, and the Crypto Market, many analysts and professionals traders are telling people that now is the time to get involved in buying crypto assets. A former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden twitted, “This is the first time in a while I feel like buying Bitcoin. That drop was too much panic and too little reason.” Indeed, as many would have said, “I buy when people cry.” Read more

Lost Your Bitcoin? Here is How You Can Recover it

Finding Bitcoin
Finding Bitcoin

It would be stressful for anyone to lose digital assets especially in the world of cryptography where a loss of valuable data could be almost impossible to retrieve. Thanks to this programmer who made a tool that can recover lost Bitcoin. It is called the “FinderOuter”. A part of the user information would help them find their Bitcoin back and put them to where it should belong. Read more

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