The Heart and Soul of Bitcoin Industry: Mass Adoption

We have gathered some of the best ways to earn bitcoin to guide you leverage on cryptocurrency that will help you understand financial freedom from a centralized payment system in our world today.

Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of digital currency called, “Bitcoin“, has developed a technology that provides peer to peer transaction eliminating huge intermediary (Banks, Corporations, Corporate Loans, Remittance Corp., and even Government Services) that slows down our financial processes due to delays in economic circulation in crowded payment system, unfit technologies, and behavioral disturbances.

Bitcoin is digital money, e-cash, a payment system that allows anyone to buy, sell, receive, and conduct a transaction at any time, anywhere in the world as it does not have a central checkpoint that can be altered or access, but it runs by countless computers scattered around the world called “miners” using Blockchain Technology. This is the streamline of cryptocurrency and the reason why Bitcoin can be so powerful due to its permissionless, borderless, unstoppable, ability that enables us through decentralized finance with no, or very low fees. Read more

Blockchain Technology Concept
Blockchain Technology Concept

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The common ground that entrepreneurs and developers should focus on, is the ability to make society learn the basics of bitcoin in the easiest way possible, incorporating acquisition to finance on regular transactions and help them understand the convenience and advantage for ease of using it.

Cryptocurrency evangelists should also focus on the concept that Bitcoin is for all of us, and avoid building walls around the bitcoin community/industry as if only selected individuals are capable of earning bitcoins. Remember that the crypto space is larger than the total human population on Earth. The 7.7 billion people are equals to 7.7 billion in revenue. It’s that simple.

A great article from a good source explicitly provided the important reminders for us to see that the people do not really need highfalutin words, technical jargon that is a bit too much for the norm to understand and for most of our listeners. Read more

How to Earn Crypto
How to Earn Crypto

Learn to earn the simplest ways of gaining cryptocurrency like never before.

In this article by Brad Michelson, list a great number of resources from different companies that offer guides on how to earn bitcoin including the cryptocurrency market. Read more

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