Decentralized Finance: The Unchained Panacea

Here are some of the DeFi updates to fill your cup with chunky bits of information gathered from the crypto world.

Decentralized Finance is changing the old financial system which held people long ago by the schemes of the ones sitting above. The liberty to control financial assets unchain true freedom for wealth, away from authoritarian claws.

The panacea of Decentralized Finance has arrived bringing the light for people to perceive tremendous help in finance. It brings empowerment for everyone to detach from a centralized pipeline in payment gateways and to unlock capabilities for peer to peer transaction that is becoming publicly available. Read more

The Great Paradigm Shift

Decentralize Finance
Waves to Paradigm Shift

Bootstrapping Market Place with Digi-Physical Token in Open Public Trading

Tokenized items added immeasurable benefits to both merchants and shoppers online as they not only are capable of buying physical items but also would be shareholders of their favorite brands. This is not just to securely buy product, but in itself give buyers and sellers formidable trust and reliability to seal-up sales that are encrypted through blockchain, visible and accessible to the public.

Developers are creating more tokenized items through the platforms bootstrapping the future of online shopping where everyone can trade in an open market and put a price for the item they desire without having to give up personal information which is a sense the Decentralized Finance is all about.

MetaFactory and Zora launched marketplaces for scares physical items. Read more

Tweet from Steven D Mckie
Tweet from Steven D Mckie

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Decentralized Finance: The Unchained Panacea

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