Growth and Development of New Business Models with Crypto Innovative Expansion

Here are some informative updates from the crypto world all compiled for you. New business models are being created and mainstream tech giants embracing cryptocurrency, blockchain technology to forge the future of open finance.

The Survey that Reveals How Generation and Level of Education Differ Investment Decisions

It is seriously important to be financially educated. Different generations, (Boomers, Generation X Millennial, Generation Z) gender and statuses in life have mixed understanding about money, debt, banks, gold, currency, and most importantly their understanding of how bitcoin is truly changing the world’s financial system in the modern world. Brad Mills (Bitcoin evangelist since 2011) showed us an explicit variety of peoples’ understanding of the economy, finance, and the power of the digital currency.

A case study allows us to dig details and identify financial awareness of every person in our society to help them understand the reason why we put a value on gold, the effect of debt to our economy, the banking system, the purchasing power of the national currency, and the idea that bitcoin revolutionized financial freedom to everyone. Read More.

Generational Graph Figure
Generational Graph Figure

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Decrypt Engage Readers with its Reward Token

How could a crypto-focused media website compromise between broken ads publishing business model, competition, and user engagement? Decrypt solved it by adopting a token driven economy within its ecosystem. As a result, the reader earns tokens by viewing ads, reading, and engaging with the website. Monetized tokens can be exchanged through Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, and many others. Read more

Decrypt Earn Tokens and Rewards feature
Decrypt Earn Tokens and Rewards feature

Create a Business Thanks to VR and Monetize it with Blockchain

VR is adding an extraordinary experience for players the ability to modify digital galleries, purchase land using crypto and trade assets. Together with Somnium Space embracing Etherium blockchain to open new benefits for VR players with a stable open economy. Read more

VR on Blockchain
VR on Blockchain

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