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Tyler Winklevoss’ Had a $3 Million ‘Bitcoin Pizza Moment’ With Space Travel

The ever famous “Pizza exchanged” for $10,000 bitcoin happened on May 22, 2010, and was considered as the very first transaction that happened after Satoshi Nakamoto sent 10 Bitcoin to a Developer named Hal Finney. Today, a Bitcoin billionaire Tyler Winklevoss had his own version of “Pizza moment” when he bought a 312.3 BTC January 2014 which at that time was $250,000 and is now amounting $3,000,000. Read more

Astronaut with Bitcoin to the Moon
Astronaut with Bitcoin to the Moon

If you like this article, read and find out how Bitcoin protects you from InflationIs Bitcoin A Safe Haven in Times of Crisis? By Aaron Koenig.

Bank of England chief cashier signals support for official cryptocurrency

Central Banks forming to create their own digital currency right before the giant private sectors take over the lead into the growing pace of the crypto world given that Facebook is also launching its own digital currency called, Libra. Sarah John, Bank of England chief cashier called for the attention signalizing to take action and position themselves where people could still put confidence and recognize balance on monetary and financial stability. Read more

Sarah John holding 20 Pound Sterling
Sarah John holding 20 Pound Sterling

Company Says Its Aim Is to Encrypt the Sky on a Blockchain

A team of certified Pilots, aviation engineers, and aviation enthusiasts who wished only but for the safety of every passenger launched an advanced aviation log format through blockchain technology encryption enormously developing since 2016. This is to ensure that pilots would not escape legitimate screening tests and avoid passing faked data from the training courses of which could potentially put anyone’s lives at risk by lack of security check and aviation skill assurances. In 2018, Aeron has also introduced for worldwide private booking flights and schools for aviation students and pilots expanding not only its portal but had also become the center of the whole ecosystem. Read more

Aeron airspace in Blockchain
Aeron airspace in Blockchain

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