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Future Samsung Smartphones Equipped Come with Digital Wallets

Samsung has released the new 5G smartphone that comes with Blockchain and bitcoin interface adding tremendous advantage for anyone who wishes to manage their assets securely by just using 5G mobile phones for its ability to store up, control cryptocurrency and move digital assets online. This is the most innovative advanced mobile features brought by Samsung company towards the future of our modern payment system in decentralized finance. Read more

News Featuring Smartphone Upgrade
News Featuring Smartphone Upgrade

Bitcoin Falls Another $200 Following News of Incoming Regulation

Bitcoin is now becoming more regulated as the treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that hardcore regulations are about to hit the cryptospace. Moreover, can cryptocurrency really be regulated in a broader sense? Read more

Steven Mnuchin holding Dollar Bill
Steven Mnuchin holding Dollar Bill

Major HSBC Layoffs: 35,000 Job Cuts and Massive Restructuring Announced

HSBC announced a massive restructuring plan including 35,000 job cuts due to the bank’s net profit falling down to 53% last year. CEO Noel Quinn explained” This represents one of the deepest restructuring and simplification programs in the bank’s history.” The Bank industry suffers from a low-interest-rate environment. “Long #Bitcoin short the banks!” -Anthony Pompliano Read More

HSBC Building
HSBC Building

Lolli’s CEO Discusses the Bitcoin Halving on CNN’s First Move with Julia Chatterley

Mining Bitcoin requires rigs, machinery, massive energy consumption run in large facilities over the icy cold area that could be almost impossible to start with. Thanks to Lolli who made earning bitcoins as easy as shopping online through their bitcoin reward system. Here the Live news report with Lolli CEO Alex Adelman for an exclusive interview. Read more

Live Report

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