Bitcoin Is Magic Internet Money

By Rhythm Trader

There may not be a more perfect representation of Bitcoin and its early community than this drawing created in Microsoft Paint, portraying a wizard in a blue cloak holding a staff with the slogan “Magic Internet Money”. The illustration was created as a promotion to entice users on Reddit to learn more about the currency and join the Bitcoin specific forum. Its reception was overwhelmingly well-received, and in part, helped build Bitcoin’s brand awareness. When the advertisement went live, the community consisted of a little over fifty thousand subscribers and the price of bitcoin was still under three hundred dollars. For reference, the same forum is currently 1.2 million users strong. There were even almost 600 comments discussing the promotion and drawing itself. The thread is filled with Bitcoin users tipping other users with the “magic internet money”. It was an example of a true grassroots and community-driven marketing campaign for, which at the time was still an incredibly niche community.

A subreddit moderator for r/Bitcoin made a post asking the community to help create and brainstorm ideas for a promotion. Within the hour, the user /r/mavensbot submitted the iconic image. He later went on to say it supposedly only took five minutes to illustrate it.  

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