Bitcoin Adoption: Where are We?

Bitcoin first appeared in 2009 as a novelty. It wasn’t long before it became a toy. Then hedge funds and serious investors began to take notice. More and more often, the applications of Bitcoin take on a maturity that makes its previous lives seem very quaint. Where does the world stand on the adoption of Bitcoin?

FAQ Bitcoin x Census

The Census Note is a hardware cold wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies. The Census Note is a card made of durable plastic that contains a secure chip. This chip stores the private key that secures access to the funds.

The Future Economy
The End of Old System

Let There be Money – Part 4

Inflation is defined as the increase in the money supply in an economy. It derives from the Latin word inflate, meaning, “to blow up.” When the money supply grows faster than the amount of goods and services in an economy, prices usually increase.

Money Backed by Gold
Money Backed by Gold

Let There be Money – Part 3

According to Ludwig von Mises, the boom of the “Roaring Twenties” was the result of the US Federal Reserve Bank and its policy of easy credit. When it became obvious that the economic boom was built on sand, the economy crumbled.

How Much Is Your Country’s Debt Impacting You?

We often hear about the national debt and the staggering amount of money it represents. But it’s not like we get a bill for it. We don’t directly pay our country’s debts, so the number doesn’t really hit home for us. That begs the question, how does your country’s debt actually impact you?

Bitcoin as the New Gold Standard

Many view Bitcoin as the currency of the future. Some also view it as a hedge against inflation, as gold has traditionally been seen. Is it fair to compare Bitcoin with gold? Or is this comparison based on faulty premises that simply do not hold up?

Why People Should be Running Nodes and What it Means for Their Sovereignty?

We all know Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hold vast promise for liberating the unbanked and others who are not well-served by the traditional financial infrastructure. But something that is often overlooked is the benefits that come from running a Bitcoin node. Running a Bitcoin node helps the Bitcoin community as a whole, but it also offers tremendous benefits for the node owner as well.

Bitcoin: Digital Currency
Bitcoin: Digital Currency

Big Money is Hedging with Bitcoin

Bitcoin revolutionizes the financial system like never before. The ability to process a payment transaction has never been easy, with almost low to no fees at all. Bitcoin does not require a third party to process transactions and does not rely on trust or to anyone with central control as it is decentralized in nature.

How Do I Protect My Wealth in The Upcoming Recession?

When a recession hits, it can have devastating consequences not only for business owners and their employees, but anyone with a nest egg or even a little savings out away. How can you preserve your wealth in a time of economic upheaval?

Bank and money
Bank with money on trees image

Let There Be Money – Part 2

Originally, banknotes were nothing else than receipts for gold or silver that were stored safely in a bank vault. Carrying heavy coins was not very practical and quite unsafe, as street robbers could easily assault you.


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