News Bytes #076

Here are the top stories freshly collected from the web, related to Money, Bitcoin and how the world of cryptocurrencies is disrupting the traditional banking system.

What is Yield Farming?

With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming is the most recent development to excite the cryptocurrency space.

Is Bitcoin Really Fiat?

The word “fiat” comes from the Latin and means “let it be done.” Since fiat money has no value outside of this government decree that it does, it is said to have no intrinsic value.

Going Toward a Cashless Society, Why Should You Be Worried?

We have heard much over the years about how we are moving toward a cashless society. Much like the paperless office that was once heralded as both imminent and inevitable, we have hit many bumps on the road to making this happen. Maybe we don’t want to part with cash as much as we think.

What if We Go Back to the Gold Standard?

What would happen if the world went back to the gold standard and actually backed their currencies with something of value? First, let’s examine how the gold standard came to be and how it came to be overthrown. Then we’ll discuss the why and how of a new gold standard.


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